Offering an Interest-Free payment plan on most orders 





To help our clients out with the current economically tough times, we decided to offer up to 6 months of interest-free payment plan.



*What kind of orders qualify?


Any order that is $1000 or more is qualified to an interest-free payment plan for up to 6 months

*Can I complete my payments faster than 6 months?




If you are comfortable completing your payments and paying off your balance in less than 6 months please feel free to do so.

*What if my order is less than $1000, do I qualify for any payment plans?


We decided to offer a 2 months interest-free payment plan on orders $500 to $999

*How will I pay the monthly payment plan?

All we have to do is set up an automatic monthly payment plan for the amount and the number of months that we agree on after getting your signature.

That way, after your consent, we will take out the payments from the card that you provide automatically until the balance is paid off.

*I need to ask you some more questions...

Please contact us through email, or chatbox, or text us at 801-602-6106 and we will get in touch with you and answer all the questions asap.

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